Writing proposals – the need and the client

Writing proposals in answer to a request is a tricky task.   With a long term, established client with a history of service provision, it's sort of a tightrope walk.  First, you want the agency to look great - see what they've done, and see why they should either continue to get funds or get funds for a new project or service.  Second, but sometimes first, you want to show how badly the community needs this service from this provider.  Well, if the agency has been there a long time and the community still needs services, why hasn't this agency fixed the problem already in all these years, or at least made significant inroads?  Why is the community still so needy? Somehow, it's got to meld together - the good stuff the agency has already done, the good community vibes, and the idea that despite how great this agency is, the problem is greater than one agency can solve.  It's not an easy task. Going too far to either side weakens the cause.  Where is the center?  It's unknown.  How does it read to a stranger?  Who's the stranger who's going to read it? This is one aspect of proposal writing.

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