The Epi-pen Pushback and Early Childhood Education

What can we learn from all these angry parents? I should start by saying I am deathly allergic to bee stings. I have carried an Epi-pen since they first came out. I’ve noticed that for the past few years, the co-pay has gone up and up. In the last few weeks, I’ve seen articles in newspapers and read emails about a major national push to get the price, which has gone through the roof, to come down. People are up in arms and furious and are petitioning, making videos, speaking to the media, and it’s starting to have an effect. This is a grass roots protest and it’s working! The number of people who have to buy Epi-pens is far smaller than the number of people affected by negative early childhood practices. Where are all of these parents and educators? Where are the petitions? Where are the letters to their elected officials? How many people who post to social media about the endless studies showing that shaming, punishing, and forcing young children to sit and write for long periods of time are harmful to the children actually also write to their elected officials saying the same thing? If all of us who are outraged at the current practices that make school dreaded instead of anticipated would write 1 letter a month, we would not be in this predicament. Yes, I know there are some local improvements scattered around. Just imagine the effect of literally millions of writers. We can make a major groundswell. Try it. Write 1 letter this month. Share any answer you may receive. Let’s see if we can make a real difference.

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