From participants at the NAEYC National Conference, Orlando, FL : (on improving a consulting practice)

” I was really impressed by your workshop. You gave me many thought-provoking ideas.”
“A great workshop”
“She was awesome. She helps people be successful.”
“You encouraged me to spend time making a website and to put myself out there!”

From a participant at the NAEYC Professional Development Institute, Indianapolis, IN, :

“This is the only presentation I’ve seen that actually includes the NAEYC standards for planning curriculum.  I’m definitely going to use this.”


Haney Ho, Vice President, Brooklyn Chinese-American Association, Brooklyn, NY –   Recommendation on LinkedIn:

Ms. Ellen Jaffe started working as a consultant for our agency, Brooklyn Chinese-American Association, in 2003 on the Blended Funding Project. Innovatively, she helped us to make strategic plans to maximize the utilization of our day care facilities and blend our newly acquired city-funded ACS and federal-funded Head Start Program seamlessly with our Universal Prekindergarten Programs. The blended model has set the blueprint for our early childhood program services and has successfully provided the much needed full day early childhood programs for many families in our community in the past several years. She also greatly assisted us in establishing our ACS Program and Head Start Program. This included training our new educational directors and staff; clarifying the program standards and requirements, etc.

Throughout the past several years, whenever we need technical assistance, Ms. Jaffe has always been there to help. For example, when we have questions about early childhood education programs and curriculum, day care or school-age child care registration/ licensing, etc., we just need to call or email her and Ms. Jaffe is always ready to go out of her way to get the answers and recommendations to us promptly. In September 2011, Ms. Jaffe also assisted us in maneuvering some of the difficult and confusing parts of the ACS Early Learn proposal. Even though she only provided technical assistance to us for a couple of hours, her inspiring ideas and suggestions enabled us to greatly strengthen our proposal and consequently secure much additional resources for our community.

Ms. Jaffe also tailor-made many interesting and helpful staff development workshops to accommodate the needs and interests of our day care staff. Some of the staff workshops she provided to our staff included “Integration of Dramatic Play & Music for Preschool”, “Managing Challenging Behaviors”, “Common Core Learning Standards in Curriculum Planning”, etc. Recently, to meet the 30-hour SACC licensing requirements, she also provided a series of workshops for our youth services staff.

We are happy to get to know Ms. Jaffe and to work with her. For us, she is more like a “friend” whom we can always turn to for help! We sincerely thank her for all the assistance she provided us in the past several years.”
Year first hired: 2003 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Lisa Fields, Director Brooklyn Family Day Care Network: training December,  – Trained three sets of family day care providers in implementing The Creative Curriculum for two days each. (Two days were in Spanish) Question – What did you like about the training?

“It was a big group but you moved around and were able to walk over to their table and talk to them. It felt small and intimate and you addressed the concerns of the participants.

You were very patient with the translation and you were able to handle it well.

You gave them stories and they were able to relate to your experiences. They really enjoyed it.

You helped them get the foundation and theory behind it and you connected it to their practices. They do it all the time, and they needed the theory behind it.”

From 3-day training – curriculum

“Straight-forward, realistic, humorous”

“Informative, practical to implement in real time, humorous, enjoyable, helpful”

“Clear, kind, informative, organized and helpful for any teacher to work better”

“Useful, interactive, meaningful and easy to understand”

“Worth it, interesting, effective, extremely informative and helpful”

“Gave engaging activities, detailed, informative”

“I am all excited to go and share ideas and information with my colleagues and present it to the children in our care. An eye opener for me; I thought I had it down when it came to planning. Ms. Jaffe made me see the light in appropriate planning and evaluating.”

“Genuine in her presentation and knowledgeable on subject matter, effective, interactive”

“Extremely helpful and most of all practical”

“Willing to answer questions and share her experience and knowledge. I learned a lot and got some new ideas and techniques that I will try in my class.”

“Clear, smart, friendly, the information presented will help me to be free”

“Innovative, useful, and new”

From graduate students- Early Childhood Curriculum – CCNY

I loved the approach she has towards children and the style of teaching.

Ms. Jaffe is a Great teacher, her experience in education made the class Super important and useful.

She’s a great teacher. Very experienced, knowledgeable and interesting.

The professor changed my way of thinking when it comes to a child’s mind. I highly recommend the professor to any potential childhood majors.

From undergraduates – Child Development – CCNY

The most professional yet genuinely interested in the success of her students.

Excellent educator, genuinely open to discussion, supportive, engaging and very helpful.