Story Telling

For most of my life, I’ve been telling stories – to my younger sister to help her get to sleep, to more classes of children than I can count, to my own children, and to my grandchildren.  There’s something so magic about starting with “Once upon a time…”  When my daughter’s third child was old enough for a go to sleep story (she usually fell asleep before I told the stories to her brother and sister), the older ones begged for a favorite and I started in.  Before I got to “time”, the little one wanted to know, “Where’s the book?”  She was not happy to hear there was no book this time.  She thought a story HAD to have a book.  After a while she sort of got used to it, but the concept needed time to sink in.  One day, I visited when another child was there.  I knew I had reached her when she told the child with some pride that her grandmother “could tell ‘mouth stories’ where there isn’t any book, only her mouth” as if it were some sort of really special skill! I urge you to include “mouth stories” as well as “book stories” in your repertoire.

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