Program Management

We can help you with many types of management issues, providing consultation and mentoring to senior management and other staff, workshops and presentations, staff development and coaching on these and related topics:
  • Program partnerships - creation, policies and procedures, shared responsibilities, fiscal allocation, reallocation of management structures, etc.
  • Compliance and regulatory agencies and issues
  • Business aspects of running a child care program – for profit or not for profit
  • Larger agency management - improving supervisory organization and management
  • Paperwork - make paperwork really work for you - registration materials - parent handbook - personnel policy manual – etc.
  • Marketing – or - Enrollment is part of ALL other issues
  • Budget
  • National Accreditation why your center needs it - which accreditation system to use - how to go about it with the least pain and the most gain
  • Community Relations - making your program visible
  • Board or Owner/Director Relationships
  • Site issues – new and/or renovations – working with architects, etc. hiring the right helping
  • Fiscal management