Classroom Management

We provide workshops, presentations, staff development, coaching and mentoring, administrative support and much more. Keynote presentations, multiple day workshops, and single day workshops are available anywhere. Within the New York Metropolitan area, we also offer partial day workshops and presentations. Phone consultation is available as well. Our training, provided by NYS Credentialed Trainer, Level 3, can qualify for EIP scholarships. Classroom management consultation, coaching, and mentoring is available for administrators and teaching staff of classrooms serving children from birth through elementary school grades. As a member of the New York State Cadre of Master Trainers, training on The Pyramid Model is provided.
  • Creating effective weekly plans to meet standards, increase learning, and preserve play
  • Room arrangement and its connection to management
  • Creating a comfort zone for staff and children
  • The role of the second (or third) person in the classroom
  • Scheduling the learning day
  • Making transitions work
  • Paperwork - make it work for you