What will Hilltop consulting services do for you?
• speak with you to help determine how to best meet your needs
• visit your site/s and provide expert feedback on areas you have previously determined plus other areas we see during the visit
• help you decide what needs further evaluation and make recommendations regarding methods of evaluation
• monthly or bi-weekly telephone consultation to help you stick to your goals
• support management groups – individual managers who want to form a group
• tailor our consultation to your needs and your budget

We provide long term and short term consulting, seminars, presentations, professional development, coaching and mentoring, administrative support and much more. Keynote presentations, multiple day sessions, and single day sessions are available anywhere. Within the New York Metropolitan area, we also offer partial day workshops and presentations. Phone consultation is available as well.

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Curriculum and Values, Child Development, Children’s Behavior

Classroom Management

Teachers and Parents

People Management  These workshops and keynotes are applicable to ANY agency or business.

Program Management

Additional services:

  • Start-Up- Helping You Start a New Program or Join a Partnership Program
    • What services will you offer?
    • What is your target population?
    • Site questions
    • Licensing
    • Helping you find staff
    • Initial training
    • Formulation of policies
    • Making sure you get what you want
  • Proposal Writing
    • Narrative
    • Needs assessment
    • Working with client to maximize their resources with our services
    • Putting the client’s “best foot forward”
    • Making sure the proposal is suited to the demands of the funding agency
  • Managing the Children’s Programs of Multi-Service Agencies including multi-funded programs and services


For NY State clients ONLY: Scholarship funding to participate in Hilltop Early Childhood Services training may be available through the Educational Incentive Program (EIP). 
The scholarship funding described above is provided through New York State only to training taking place in New York State.  While we do train in many other locations, please do not call us for EIP funding if you are not in NY.  Thank you.