Ruby Slippers – yes, another Oz reference

Lesson from "The Wizard of Oz" All through the book and movie, Dorothy was afraid of the wicked witch. What she didn't know was that the ruby slippers she wore had more powers than the witch.  When people don't do things out of fear, it's often because they don't know that they have more power than they think they have. You, dear reader, are wearing ruby slippers, cleverly disguised as ordinary shoes.  When you have that important meeting – with supervisors, co-workers, parents, family members planning some huge event, etc., try to remember that you are wearing those ruby slippers and that you have more powers than the witch. When they say scary things, just stay calm, polite, focused, and repeat your point with the conviction and knowledge that you are wearing the ruby slippers.  Never let someone else’s position frighten you or make you think you are less important than they are.  You may have a lower level job, but you are not a less important person.  You may not always win your point, but you will always be proud of how you tried. Go out today wearing your ruby slippers.  Who knows what you will accomplish! And don't forget to share those accomplishments here!

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