Clients and Projects

Project: Our principal consultant, Ellen Jaffe Cogan, is honored to have been chosen to be a member of the New York State Master Cadre of Trainers for the Pyramid Model. This is a model that offers strategies to promote the social and emotional competence of infants and young children and to address challenging behavior. After 10 days of intensive training in Albany, NY, Ellen is now verified in the Aspire Registry of Trainers to provide training in the Pyramid Model.

Additionally, she has earned the New York State Training and Technical Assistance Professional Credential as a Professional Development Specialist Trainer – Level 3

The Pyramid Model is approved by NYS for use of EIP scholarship funds. Since Ellen is a credentialed trainer at the highest level, the training can be reimbursed at the highest level under the EIP program.
If you are interested in Pyramid Model training, please send her an email at

Project: Implementation Planner for the NCEHS-CCP Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships Our principal consultant, Ellen Jaffe Cogan,is honored to have been selected to be among only 40 Implementation Planners in the country to help partnerships get off the ground. Here’s information from the government website, slightly altered because the training already happened.

The National Center on Early Head Start Child Care Partnerships (NCEHS-CCP) is jointly funded by the Office of Head Start (OHS) and the Office of Child Care (OCC). Its purpose is to support the effective implementation of the new Early Head Start-Child Care (EHS-CC) Partnerships. NCEHS-CCP will help grantees deliver high-quality, comprehensive services to low-income infants, toddlers, and their families.

 Trained Consultants  – Forty implementation planners and 20 fiscal consultants have been selected for the project. These 60 experienced individuals participated in intensive training in February, 2015. The planners and consultants are available. They can be hired to support start-up and ongoing program operations.

Please write directly to her if your program is one of the new partnerships.  Her direct email is


For everyone else:

 In considering if our services are right for you or your organization, please take a moment to review some of our past projects. Because some of our clients would rather not be publicly identified on the Internet, we have described them, rather than naming them. References will be cheerfully provided as needed.

All of the projects we have done for our clients were tailored specifically to their needs. We look forward to giving you the same individual service, whether your project is large or small. Throughout our history, satisfied clients have referred us to other satisfied clients, which is how we have stayed in business since January of 2000.

The two diverse centers with which we worked towards NAEYC accreditation have both received their national accreditation from NAEYC!

The clients to which we provided either writing help or consultation with recommendations for New York City’s EARLY LEARN proposal in 2012 ALL received funding!

Here is a list of some of the types of problems we have helped our clients solve:

  • Director of preschool needing help with staff creating appropriate weekly plans, “selling” staff on using the plans
  • Community Development Organization needing help with training new site directors, workshops for preschool staff, state mandated training for staff of after school programs
  • Community Development Organizations (several organizations – different situations, different solutions) wanting to start or expand child care programs or add infant/toddler services or Pre-K
  • Large Social Service Agency providing nursery school, day care, Head Start, Pre-Kindergarten and other social services needing staff and director training
  • Individual parents needing help with child development related problems
  • Individual owner of a small day care center wanting to improve space
  • Small, stand-alone early childhood education center wanting to improve program and service to children
  • Moderate sized program for learning disabled preschool children needing ongoing staff development services
  • Large architectural firm planning the renovation of a school seeking input in order to add Pre-K to the elementary school space
  • Religious organization needing input about the relationship between center director and board and help with resolving issues related to policies and practices
  • Court-based children’s drop in day care centers program with ten sites needing many consulting services and help on many levels including program, staff issues, regulatory and compliance issues, increased participation in funded food programs, staff training, training of volunteers, suggestions of supplies and materials for education, increasing the ages of child care offered, site design relative to several renovations of court spaces, coordination of several departments to improve services.
  • Resource and Referral Agency needing help with various projects including training, grant writing and implementation of successful grant relating to increasing availability of non-traditional hours, reviews of client’s business plans, working with community agency developing space for new child care facilities including conferences with licensing agency and architectural firm, and more
  • Small, stand alone centers, larger schools, and groups of agencies needing help with proposal writing for federal, city, and other funding
  • Group of Early Childhood organizations needing help organizing community based early education providers
  • Group of Head Start Centers needing professional development – one day per month over 3 month period
  • Consortium of Agencies helping centers in New York City to become nationally accredited under the NAEYC


  • Created and conducted presentations including keynote speeches for groups varying in size from a few to more than 500 attendees
  • Created and conducted training seminars for child care staff (classroom staff)
  • Created and conducted multi-day training seminars for staff of multi-site after school program
  • Created and conducted training seminars for education directors
  • Created and conducted ongoing series of in-service training seminars and staff development days for the same agency for two school years
  • Created and conducted multi-day training seminars for family day care providers of large family day care network – including one 2-day seminar with ongoing Spanish translation (repeated three times for different staff)
  • Created and conducted curriculum for coping skills training for elementary school students for a Project Liberty sponsored organization
  • Coordinated licensing requirements with city and state agencies for multi-site agency so all of the licenses expire at the same time, saving many days of staff work preparing all the licensing materials.
  • Observed and reported on observations of early education program for client, created and conducted full day of staff training specifically suited to client’s observed needs
  • Reviewed plans and offered suggestions to improve plans for renovation of existing building to add child care space (for more than one client)
  • Reviewed plans and reconfigured space designed for child care in a multi-purpose newly constructed building.
  • Reviewed newly constructed child care space, mediated between licensing agency, architects, contractor, and client to make minimum and least costly changes to already finished space in order to meet licensing codes.
  • Trained teenage summer workers for several sites within a large agency
  • Prepared prototype of education and information kits for parents and others regarding infants and toddlers
  • Grant writing – MANY – from small grants to a successful grant application for millions of dollars
  • Consulted and edited proposal applications for funding
  • Reviewed and edited grant application for a proposed children’s educational television series
  • Provided oversight and review of program and budget design for an agency’s grant application
  • Wrote articles requested by and published in journals and magazines
  • Wrote quarterly literacy newsletter for caregivers of children ages 0-12 – each one distributed to nearly 3000 families
  • Created, conducted, and collated responses from questionnaire, prepared reports
  • Set up and attended meetings with high level licensing officials and clients to facilitate reduction in red tape for clients
  • Designed education program and staffing patterns for new centers
  • Attended conferences to find sources of new products and information for clients
  • Suggested and ordered supplies and education materials (including technology) for programs for children ages 0-12
  • Consulted to program designing new facility with regard to physical design and program design
  • Designed and implemented visual presentation to city council members designed to save funding for necessary programs
  • Provided guidance and direction to video documentary on child development and care, arranged interviews of several prominent leaders