Babies and classroom walls

I am giving a presentation at the 5th Annual Citywide Infant Toddler Conference in Manhattan in the morning. It's called "The Learning Environment: What do Classroom Walls Say to Infants, Toddlers and Families?"   Of course, I've done lots of thinking on the subject.  But, I didn't go to take pictures at centers where I know that they have interesting and appropriate wall displays.  I should have, but I didn't.  And when I realized it, I couldn't since I have a broken bone in my foot and I'm suposed to stay off of it most of the time and let it heal. So, I went to "Google Images" and thought it would be an easy job to find some appropriate pictures for my Power Point. NOT!  I found hundreds of pictures of infant classrooms, most of them on ECE programs' websites. You would think that programs whose websites tell people what a fabulous job they do would put up pictures that show wonderful and approproate things happening.  The overwhelming majority of what I found were examples of what not to put on the walls of infant rooms.  Extremes abounded - from totally full of clutter to stark and empty, from "cute, cute, cute" to downright scary.  Very expensive murals amazed me.  Enormous pictures of Sesame and/or Disney characters, imense jungle animals, lots of commercial stuff.  My head is reeling!   What do YOU think is appropriate for the walls of infant classrooms?

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  1. T A G says:

    I was hoping you would go a little more into depth here on this page about what is appropriate. I wish I could attend the upcoming training. It sounds very needful to us all. I have seen many appropriate things on walls as well but I haven’t quite figured out how to address what I have seen.

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