HILLTOP Early Childhood SERVICES is a consulting agency. Hilltop provides consulting to the early childhood field and also to the general small business field.

  • Training/ Professional Development Including Pyramid Model Modules
  • Consulting
  • Speaking/ Keynotes

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News!!! Our principal consultant, Ellen Jaffe Cogan, is involved in exciting adventures. She has been selected to be among the New York State Cadre of Master Trainers and is qualified to provide training to administrators and staff working with Infants and Toddlers and with Preschoolers in the Pyramid Model. She is a verified trainer with the NYS Aspire Registry and is a Credentialed Trainer, Level 3, which means that your staff can earn EIP scholarship funds to pay for the training. For Pyramid Model and other training, please contact her.

The most interesting ongoing adventure is moving from living in NYC for our whole lives to living in Westchester, a nearby county. It has been exciting to meet new people and reconnect to some people we’ve known before.

Another adventure was having been invited to give a seminar to consultants in Israel at a small business hub for professionals. The consulting seminar was similar to that which was given at the NAEYC conference last November in Orlando and at the NYS AEYC conference in April. The seminar in Israel was tweaked to apply to business consultants and was very favorably received.

And, Mrs. Cogan remains active as one of the few Implementation Planners who will help new Early Head Start/Child Care Partnerships on all phases of planning and implementation of high quality programming.  If you are part of one of these new partnerships, please see her information on the NCEHS-CCP website. 



  • Center Directors and Owners
  • Directors of Groups of Centers
  • Administrators of Agencies
  • Conference Planners
  • Board Members
  • Teachers and Assistant Teachers
  • Providers of Home Day Care Services
  • Parents
  • Owners of Small Businesses
  • Architects
  • Consultants in any field
  • Judges and Attorneys


  • Nursery Schools
  • Infant – Toddler – Preschool and Primary Grade Programs
  • Day Care Centers
  • Nursery Schools
  • Head Start Centers
  • Pre-Kindergarten Programs
  • Elementary Schools
  • Education Entities – Schools, Districts, Regions, Etc.
  • Organizations large and small needing a keynote speaker
  • Small businesses and groups of small businesses
  • Agencies Providing Multiple Programs
  • Agencies Providing Family Services